The Easy Way for Teachers to Get Involved with Merspi

As a VCE teacher I am really impressed by the initiative shown by James Spittal and Collin Li in establishing Merspi for VCE students. I’ve been a vocal advocate for Merspi for sometime now and have always been a little disappointed that there aren’t more people, especially teachers, getting involved.

I know the big barrier for teachers is the time, but there is a simple way of monitoring Merspi so that if a question arises that you feel you could add value to, it arrives in your RSS feeds with the simplicity of the morning paper.

Of course, that still doesn’t address why you should give any time to Merspi and helping students you don’t know…but I’m not going to proselytize today.

Subscribing to Merspi Tag RSS feeds couldn’t be simpler, but if you need a walk through:

I receive updates about all VCE English questions this way, and occasionally answer them too if I think I can be helpful. It really doesn’t take much time, and I find it quite helpful in alerting me to common misconceptions students may be having in units I’m yet to teach. It also helps me increase my arsenal of canned responses to frequently asked questions. (Yes, I have been known to direct pupils to Merspi when they have asked me a question via email, if I’ve already answered it before there)

The Easy Way for Teachers to Get Involved with Merspi

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