TPACK – Some more thoughts…

After reading about TPACK over at the Concrete Classroom and writing up a brief response over on the staff training feed on the classroom blog, I have been thinking about a way that the concept raised by TPACK could inform the approach to better echnology integrating in the classroom.

I was also inspired by a comment on the CC blog (from Delta Scape) that pondered the TPACK Venn Diagram disks’ ability to ‘spin’, which I think I understood. My understanding of this ‘spinning disks’ idea was that the various pedagogical approaches are displayed as segments on the appropriate disk (like a perfectly equal pie chart), that similarly the available technologies are displayed as segments on the tech disk, and likewise with content. These can then be ‘spun’ to align the appropriate technology, to the appropriate pedagogy, to deliver the appropriate content.

As I stated back in my IWB post, I am all about the decision to use technology because it is appropriate in that context. I feel that this augmentation of the TPACK concept with the notion of ‘spinning disks’ could be a good starting point for thinking about how individual teachers choose to integrate ICT into the classroom appropriately.

TPACK – Some more thoughts…

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