Another poem you can hear at Spoken. I originally wrote this in 2007, and to be honest, I was never that keen on it. However, the subject matter suited what I wanted to try and do on the recording, which was to use an Audionautix track as a music bed for the piece.


I walk in semi-circles, clockwise
Until the link of an arm changes
My trajectory, counter-clockwise
Until the link of an arm changes
My trajectory. Walking in this way
Will eventually see us linking arms:

Our looped steps, our brief tango,
Our waltz in opposite directions
Will be brief. Will we acknowledge
One another, remember we were
Supposed to link, or will we think
This is just another incomplete

               We step in unison
In opposite directions, we move,
We look into each others eyes
And we realise that together we
Have indeed completed a circle
With this fox-trot, this pirouette
With this, our only revolution.

Until the link of an unwanted arm
Changes my trajectory once more
My arm, my eyes, my semi-circles
Will meet others, the dance carries
Me away and every other circle
Can never seem so complete.

Semicircles cover art


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